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Now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Our famous Pilots “Free Flight” Atlas. Founded in 1998, is now available as an App for iPhone and iPad.

Detailed mapping with selectable aeronautical overlays.

Create your charts with the information you choose. Add positions, notes, photos and share with friends and colleagues. Now increased functionality and Global coverage to offer you an enhanced solution with just the right mix of land and sky with custom tailored charts and information.

Create your own map style with 6 different background maps / 15 different map layers and 21 different databases (aeronautical/ navigation-aids and Points of Interest´s etc.). Insert, store and/ or edit your flight planed route by using ICAO/ IATA-codes, waypoints, VOR´s NDB´s or Lat/ Long. Find positions with a separate Lat/ Long finder.

Insert and save your destination favorites, create trips, waypoints, photos or notes directly on the map. Implement screen shots from your online-map into the offline-map.
  • Contour level by color (meter + feet).
  • 120,000 Waypoints (three different typs)
  • 22,000 Airports (three different typs)
  • 35,000 Nav-aid´s (VOR-DME, NDB, TACAN, VORTAC, ILS-DME)
  • 10,000 POI´s ( points of interest)
  • FIR Boundaries
  • Special Use Airspace areas (SUAs)
  • topographical maps
  • Trip planning (by Waypoints, VOR´s, airports, NDB´s, ICAO/ IATA codes or Lat/ Long).
  • Share, copy, invert or export your trip, delete/ edit single trip-points or whole trips. The whole trip-length is shown and also the distance between single trip-points.
  • Show all your trips (or select your specials) in the map by different colors.
  • 6 different charts on board: planning chart, offline map and online maps (OSM), NASA Satellite today, NASA Satellite yesterday and NASA City  Lights.
  • Airports, Runway length, elevation, ICAO/ IATA, airport-name, city-name, Lat/ Long, frequencies, magnetic variation and much more
  • Create range-circles around airports
  • METAR + TAF are available by clicking on the airport-icon and you can create/edit your own weather-list (along your trip/route).
  • connect an external GPS
  • delete and re-download the areas you need whenever you like.

Captains Corner reference stuff:

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