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Airport layer Waypoint layer
Airport layer - you can switch on/ off every single layer. In
the airport-layer you are able to select between Intl. Airports
(orange icon), regional airports (yellow icon) and airdromes
(white icon). Additional you can set "min runway length" and "max runway length" and you habe a button to switch on/off the labels for the airports, waypoints or Navaids.
Waypoint layer - her you can additional select from which zoom-level the waypoints are showed in the map. The zoom-level and scale is shown in each screen downright.

waypoint layer with labels on  Navaid layer
Waypoint layer with labels "on" - this is the waypoint layer
with labels "on" and zoom-level: 9+
Navaid layer - with all navaids "on" and labels switched "on", visible from zoom level 7.5 or more.