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8 different Map sources

You can choose between 5 different map-sources, planning chart and OSM-map are offline maps which are included with the Pilots Atlas App, the other 3 map sources are online maps. You can switch every time between the sources. If you switch to an other map all settings you made in your map-section (airports, waypoints, favorites, notes ect.) will be shown exactly on the other map. (You never loose points/ marked places or settings if you switch back and forth).

Planning Chart Offline Map
 Planning Chart

 Offline Map
 Online Open Street Map  ##Online MapQuest OSM
 Online Open Street Map

 Online MapQuest OSM
 Online MapQuest Open Aerial  img noimage
 Online MapQuest Open Aerial

 NASA Satellite today
 NASA Satellite yesterday  NASA City Lights
 NASA Satellite yesterday  NASA City Lights